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Is Aveeno Property Restoration licensed?

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  • Is Aveeno Property Restoration licensed?
    Yes, we are licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Will you help me with my insurance claim?
    Yes, we offer help with all Insurance Claims. What you need to do is sign an authorization form selecting us as your contractors and we will start the process. Upon completion of the claim you will be issued a check with the settlement amount.
  • Can my insurance company be billed directly?
    Most certainly, in the majority of cases property owners are not responsible for any costs for restoration. We will be in touch with your insurance company to get approval for any work before we get started on it.
  • When can you start working?
    We can start our work as soon as the insurance company and the customer have come to an agreement about the price and scope.
  • How long is the restoration process?
    It is difficult to determine an exact time for the restoration process as there are many things to consider. The amount of damage, as well as the type of damage will determine how much work is needed and what amount of time it will take to complete. However, we do our best to speed things up so that you can resume your normal living.
  • Can I stay in my property during the restoration process?
    The final decision is in your hands, but it is a good idea to put into consideration some things that might be a safety risk or be of some annoyance such as electricity, noise from equipment, and odor. If extensive restoration is needed from severe damage, we advise that you do not stay in your property.
  • Is your restoration service cost-effective?
    Definitely! We do not take advantage of customers when disaster strikes. We strive to keep our fees reasonable and affordable. Prices for each scope have already been determined by the insurance industry, thus, price is never an issue.


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