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Carpet Cleaning

Maintaining your carpet properly includes knowing what to do when your carpets get wet as well.

As a homeowner, making sure that your carpets are clean becomes an important priority. Maintaining your carpet properly includes knowing what to do when your carpets get wet as well. While some people might think that the carpet needs to be replaced if it becomes wet, this is not always the case. In fact, if you hire professionals who specialize in wet carpet cleaning, drying and extraction services you can save your carpet and a great deal of money.

Keep in mind that if a leak or flood has caused your carpets to become soaked and soggy, the flooring and padding underneath the carpet might be wet also. A professional who specializes in wet carpet cleaning will be experienced enough to check your carpet padding and flooring thoroughly. Additionally, a professional can do a great deal more than simply offer wet carpet cleaning and water extraction services. When a wet carpet is not taken care of properly it can cause mold and mildew damage as well as structural damage to your house. This can lead to more costly problems like having to replace your entire carpet.

A professional will begin by extraction to restore a wet carpet. Any excess water has to be extracted from the carpet, flooring, and padding. After extraction has been completed, a professional will skillfully dry the carpet, padding, and flooring. A professional will know how to properly dry your carpets to prevent the possibility of dangerous mold and mildew underneath your carpets.

After the water from the carpet has been completely extracted and the carpet is properly dried, restoration will include a deep cleaning. A professional will often use a mold prevention additive to further protect your carpets. Once a professional has completed their work, your carpets will look and smell like a flood never took place.

If there has been a leak or flood in your home or your carpets are simply dirty, Aveno Property Restoration can help. We have the ability to take care of all your carpet restoration and cleaning needs. We are located at One West Court Square, Suite 750, Decatur, GA 30030.

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